Ye Olde Catalogue of Boy Scout Skits

... now where did I put my left-handed smokeshifter ...

This is a list of all the Boy Scout Skits I've ever seen. I made the list a long time ago, and some of these titles, I have no clue what the original skit is that they refer to.

All my skit files: skit1.html, skit2.html, skit3.html, skit4.html, skit5.html, skit6.html, skit7.html, skit8.html, rent.html.

All skits, alphabetical order

  1. Aaarghhh!
  2. The Great Aug
  3. The Banana Bandana Sketch
  4. The Blanket Tossing Team
  5. The British Are Coming!
  6. The Old Gum
  7. The Cancer Sketch
  8. The Candy Store
  9. Did You See That?
  10. Drinking Cola
  11. Dudley Dooright
  12. Eat That Food
  13. Feeding Chickens
  14. The Firing Squad Sketch
  15. The Fly
  16. Fred The Trained Flea
  17. Gallagher
  18. The German POW Camp
  19. I Saw A Bear
  20. If I Were Not A Boy Scout
  21. Is It Time Yet?
  22. The Infantry
  23. Clyde Klutzo
  24. The Lawnmower Sketch
  25. The Lighthouse Sketch
  26. The Magic Blanket
  27. Mike the Midget
  28. The Outhouse Sketch
  29. Pickin' Cotton
  30. Quazimoto
  31. Quazimoto II
  32. The King's Raisins
  33. The Failed Reporter
  34. The Samurai Watermelon Cutter
  35. The Sap's Still Running
  36. The Special Papers
  37. The World's Greatest Spitter
  38. Tag! You're it!
  39. The Thirsty Donkey
  40. The Three Scouts
  41. The Toothpaste Sketch
  42. The Trained Caterpillar
  43. The Ugliest Man in the World
  44. The Waiting Room
  45. The Water Table
  46. The Water Vending Machine
  47. Water, Water!
  48. I Gotta Go Wee

Skits, by category:

One person
rent, one black eye, fly, samurai
Two people
Aaarghhh, Aug, Bandana, See That, Gallagher, Tag, Vending
Many people
Blanket, British, Cola, Gum, Firing Squad, Gesundheit, If I Were Not, Time Yet, Infantry, Klutzo Outhouse, Cotton, Reporter, Caterpillar, Waiting Room
One person plus volunteers
dooright, flea, saw a bear, sap
Two people plus volunteers
Candy, Lawnmower, Lighthouse, Spitter
Many people plus volunteers
Magic Blanket, Ugliest, Water Table

Other collections of skits are

  1. The MacScouter Skit Collection
  2.'s collection of boy scout skits

These aren't skits, they are more things to be recited.

  1. Ask the blind man, he saw it too.
  2. I Can't Pay The Rent!
  3. Jabberwocky
  4. The Bricklayer
  5. The Ghost with the One Black Eye
  6. I'm my own grampaw
  7. Ms Lucy
  8. Hey Bonny Shore
  9. Truckdriver

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