Floor Plan I

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This plan is a refinement of the previous plan. The kitchen, dining room, and garage remain just about the same. I explicitly laid out the second floor and basement this time, although the basement would be mostly unfinished. The front of the house (bottom) points west.

First Floor

I moved the full bath between two of the potential bedrooms and put a shower in the other bath. The bathroom that you'd use from the dining room is now the one behind the tower instead of the one on the right. The laundry room is bigger, most of the rooms are bigger, except the long room is now little more than an oddly shaped hallway.

I learned something useful about windows. I was visiting Ross in Seattle, and his house is 58'x58'. The middle, which is pretty far from any window, is still pretty well lit. How? The light comes into the edge rooms and keeps flowing to the middle of the house. This is done by either not having walls (great big arches or steps defined the rooms) or using glass doors (doors with windows). A general rule (from "A Pattern Language") is that every room should be lit from two directions. On the main floor I've only got one direction for the round room and the room behind the garage, so I need to rely on indirect light (like Ross's house) for the second direction.

Second Floor

I flipped the direction of the stairs and put the extra second-floor rooms in front of the master bedroom (the round room) instead of behind it. This shields the master bedroom from street noise, prevents the tower from advertising to the street how wierd the house is, and makes the path shorter between the social parts of the ground floor and basement. It makes the house two stories tall both in back and in front, rather than one story tall in front and three stories tall in back.

Above is the second floor in detail. There's the master bedroom, the bathroom below to the left, a sunroom below to the right, and an unheated shed to the right of the stairs. Most of the house is covered with open deck. There is also a sunlight (greenhouse-looking thing?) down to the first floor (along the middle of the stairs). The master bedroom (the round room) has a big circular window pointing left, and another pointing toward the back of the house.

The stairs go up from the roof to the roof of the tower and second-floor rooms. Like the first-floor roof, the second floor roof is fenced in.


Here is a sketch of the basement. Concrete slab floor. At first I'd only build the supporting walls. Most people, it seems, have a need to remodel their house, so the unfinished basement would serve as a buffer zone for those sorts of urges. You can see the patio, the round room, two bedrooms bordering a bath with shower, and the workshop under the garage. The basement is ground level in the back (the top of the picture), and underground in the front (the bottom of the picture). Windows to the outside become feasible behind the round room. You could throw quite a party down there.

And there's the cellar, which consists of just the stairway going down to it and the round room. Maybe a trap door going down to it too. I'd put an upright piano in the cellar.

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