Floor Plan G

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In this one I made an effort NOT to conserve space. I managed to sprawl to a 60'x70' foot footprint. This won't fit on 60'x90' lots where the house has to be inset 20' from the street. Well, maybe it does, but most of the walls are adjacent to the neighbor's properties so you probably won't be able to see out the windows.

Now we've got three bedrooms, two ways into the kitchen, plenty of loops to walk babies in, a walk-in pantry, a big table in the laundry room, lots of alcoves, lots of secret passages, a front porch, and closets out the wazoo. All on the first floor.

I expect the second floor to extend the wall from the staircase to include the alcove in the back of the house. This gives the master bedroom a long hall to hang dresses in, a sitting room, and however big a master bath as you want.

Combine the first floor with an extended second floor, a full basement, and a subbasement for the tower, and you're going on 9000 square feet of heated space. Most of it underground and well insulated, but still. Is there such a thing as too big a house? I don't know. It's not something I've ever encountered. I've seen houses that used space poorly, that weren't adequately insulated, or that forced you to walk up and down five split levels all the time. But I can't recall ever wishing a house had less closet space.

Although it's 9000 square feet, it looks quite a bit smaller than that. There's no peaked roof, most of the square footage is underground, and the house is deeper than it is wide. It's still noticably two stories, though.

There's going to have to be some supporting walls or pillars that I haven't drawn in (yellow is supporting walls). I don't know how close together supports have to be, and I didn't guess. Probably some of the nonsupporting walls could be made supporting.

The kitchen sink is a good 50 feet from the laundry room. Somebody (probably the kitchen sink) is going to have to wait for hot water. The bedrooms are quite a walk from the bathroom, too. Perhaps I should add another bathroom between two of the bedrooms? One of the bedrooms has windows pointing all four directions.

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