Floor plan B

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This was my first detailed layout of the rooms on the first floor.

The garage is separate, with a stairway between the house and garage going down to the basement in the back. The roof spans this stairway connecting the house to the garage. I think this tall narrow dark stairway is a neat effect.

You can walk in a big loop through the first floor, something I've found quite useful when getting babies to go to sleep. There are two ways into the kitchen, which is useful if someone is blocking one of them. The kitchen and dining areas are on either side of the sink. I like the layout of the kitchen and dining area, although the kitchen is a little narrower than I'd like. There's a big mudroom. There's an interesting hall connecting the dining room to the front of the house.

The biggest problem with this design is that the two bedrooms face the street. Another problem is that the second floor splits the roof into lots of little areas, which is OK for gardening, but not good for playing tag or other yard-like uses. The tower basement is entirely underground. The house is 60 feet wide, which may be too much for many lots. The front door opens into a BEDROOM! That's too bizarre, you say, but I've seen it done, several times.

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