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The following Vases, Bowls, and Gourds are made from aged/dried gourds.
Since I am a wildlife artist, most of my designs are a continuation of what I do
in my two dimensional art. Some, however, are Botanical in nature, yet still likely
to capture ecological balance as that is very important to me.

Select images to see Demonstrations or Other Views ©Barbara Krans Jenkins

Gourd 3 - Leaves
3 Fall Leaves
on Green
Gourd 11 - Chickadees & Periwinkle
11 Chickadees and Periwinkle
Gourd 1 - FALL-ing Leaves
1 FALL-ing Leaves

7 Chickadees and Chicory
Gourd 5 - If Chickadees Ruled the World
5 If Chickadees Ruled the World
Gourd 12 - Peonies
12 In the Peonies
Cardinals in Holly
13 Cardinals in Holly
Gourd 6 Phoebe
6 Chloe, Kyle, and Phoebe with Chicory
Gourd 16 -Magnolias
16 Chickadee and
Tulip Magnolia

Gourd 14 - Cats Peonies
14 Cats and Peonies

Gourd 17
17 Tulip Magnolias
Gourd 9 Asters
9 Chickadees, Asters
and Shrooms
Gourd 18 Skink and Poppies
18 Chickadee,Skink & California Poppies
Gourd Vase 19
19 CA Quail Family
and Poppies
Gourd 20
20 Seaside Daisies and Skinks
Designs are carved in and on the gourd.  Line is then drawn with a woodburning tool. Color is then applied in a variety of ways using  lightfast colored pencils predominantly. Stains are occasionally used  in moderation. The final product is then finished with an acrylic protective coat.