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Gourd - Demonstration

"Gourd Vase 7 • Chicks -n- Chicory"
©Barbara Krans Jenkins

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Gourd - Wood Burning

1. Once the gourd is prepared for art, the contour is drawn on with a pencil and then woodburned into the gourd. Foot or base has been added to the gourd to stabilize it as the bottom was uneven.

Gourd - Add Colored Pencil

2. This shows beginning of color application wtih colored pencil.

Gourd Footing

3. Another angle to show the footing and the continuation of color being added.

Gourd Step 4 4. Gourd showing marbles glued in place to weight the bottom of the gourd vase.
Gourd Final

5. Completed gourd vase
    ©Barbara Krans Jenkins