Lavina E Schoolfield

Levina (Lovina, Levinia, Luvina, Lomica, Lavinia, Viney) Schoolfield (Schofield) was born about 1830 in Guilford county, North Carolina. Her family came to Marshall County, Kentucky, before 1850. She lived in at least three states, she married and was widowed at least three times, and her name is never spelled the same way twice. She could not read or write.

Marshall County records, Viney Schoolfield + David Danner: Consent given for bride by Miss Rody Schoolfield. Witness: John Baker, Marshall Rudd. (Marshall Rudd married one of Levina's sisters, and John Baker is probably a relative of another of Levina's sisters' husbands.)

Graves County Marriage of V. Schofield to H. Thomasson. Groom listed as age 21 and Bride 24 and a widow. The 1860 census finds them in Ohio county, Missouri. Humphrey died in the civil war. He enlisted in the Hardin Kentucky camp.

Marshall County marriages certificate number 1504 Jonathan Byerley (Bierly, Byorley, Byorly, Barley) to Mrs. Lavina Thomasson. Marriage November 12, 1866. The 1870 census finds them in Marshall county, Kentucky.

She shows up in the 1880 census (without Jonathan) in Todd County, Kentucky, listed as Levina E Barley (age 49) with children Robert N (age 19), James N (age 20), and Elizabeth (age 13). All but Elizabeth are listed as being sick that day, and all of them were illiterate. I have Lizzie listed as Elizabeth Biley Williams in my Stinnett family pamphlette, so perhaps Lavina got married a fourth time to someone named Williams.

Many thanks to Peggy Shaffer and Greg Riley for their research into this! Anyone have stories about or photos of Levinia?

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