Daniel Webster Strebel

I don't know what happened to Harriet Long and Andrew D Strebel, but their children Daniel and Alice were living with their aunt & uncle, Ordelia Long + George Collins, and their children Norman, Laurence, Margaret, John B, Orde, and Bernice, in Rose Ohio in 1900. Daniel was working as a coalminer.

According to the 1910 census, Daniel's first wife was Sarah E (Waers? Cureton?) (apr 14 1879 - jul 1966), who had sons Windsor John (jul 14 1901 - jan 6 1979) and Melvin Leroy (mar 31 1904 - oct 3 1991).

A Sept 1918 WWI draft card lists Daniel as living in Maybarry, McDowell, W Va, working as a coal inspector for the Elkhorn Coal Company, with next of kin Mrs Lulu Strebel. The 1920 census shows Daniel & Lula living in Elkhorn, W Va (with brother Carl (where'd he come from? b 1887)). Meanwhile, Sarah Waers (listed as married, but head of household) lives with Winsor and Melvin Strebel in Canton (plus boarders Minnie + Norman Collins and Helen + Laurence Collins, note that Norman and Laurence are the children of Daniel Strebel's aunt Ordelia mentioned earlier). Winsor & Melvin were working as grinders of roller bearings.

The 1930 census shows Windsor married, Melvin married, and Sarah Waers living alone. Daniel + Lula are back in Springfield, Ohio in with three young children.

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