The computer interface

The replacement for the current PC interface is a drafting board, perhaps with a cordless keyboard. An inclined 3 foot wide by 2 foot deep surface you can write on. Projectors on adjustable arms on either side of the writing surface will project the computer display at an angle onto that board (you need two so your hand doesn't block the display). Something akin to cordless mice and GPS will figure out where your pen touches the board. The board is, well, a wooden board, or whatever other writing surface you prefer. The board is covered with a black surface, except reflective of narrow frequencies of red, green, and blue, so that it reflects the projectors fine but doesn't reflect ambient light.

Why will this win?

I put this on the halfbakery. They suggested instead having a purpose-made desk with a frosted glass surface, and put the projector under the desk shining up through the frosted glass. That would eliminate the problem of shadows. It would require a purpose-made desk, though.

Bob Predicts the Future

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