Tommie E Ogden

She was actually named Thomas E Ogden. That's probably a Junior, which suggests her father was actually Thomas E Ogden, not Thomas P Ogden as the censuses say. Mary Kyle said he was Thomas E Ogden too. Or maybe Mary got Thomas P's initial wrong because she knew Tommie E. Naming a girl Thomas, well, that's not unheard of. Another relative named his girl Billie because he had wanted a boy.

They had no children. In 1920 Tommie worked in Chicago as an ironer doing laundry and Joseph worked as a flagman for a railroad.

In 1930 they were living with Joseph's brother Artis and his family in Oakland, Michigan. Artis and Joseph worked in an auto factory. They say Tommie was born in 1888 and Joseph was born in 1885, which disagrees wildly with the ages they gave in 1920. They also gave the wrong states for each of their father's place of birth.

In 1920 he lived in Paducah, Kentucky, working as a machinist for the railroad. In 1930 he lived in Akron, Ohio. He moved back to Kentucky before he died in 1941.

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