Stephen Paul Kucera

Stephen had a brother, Ignatius Florian Kucera (who lived near him and everyone called Florian), and a sister Mary. They'd all come over from Czechoslovakia. I don't know if the parents came too.

His daughter says:

All he did was come home from work. For many years I noticed he was just sitting on the porch with his feet elevated because he had trouble with his feet, y'know. Get this, they had him a job on his feet all day long putting out heels of shoes. That's the worst job he coulda had. In fact he had to walk most of the time, from, it was like walking from here to the mall [er, 15 miles?] where he worked. [Endicott Shoe Factory?] It was in Johnson City, the next city over. And so, he had his lung out beause he worked in the coal mines. Unless he worked there in Czechoslovakia. Then he'd go in the cellar. He had a swing down there. He'd just pass out on the swing and slept there all night. And then he'd always wake up the next morning, he had an alarm clock.

He made his own wine. All Czechs made their own wine.

Florian is seated in the lower left

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