John Kyle

In 1880 he was an illiterate laborer in Paducah, McCraken County, Kentucky.

In 1900 Bettie was living with Edward T with her son Willie (age 9). The 1900 census gives Bettie's birth as September 1865, but the 1880 census said she was 7 years old, which would be 1873. The 1900 census also said Willie, age 9, was born in September 1880.

Paducah is at the confluence of the Tennessee and Ohio rivers. A big shipping/trading town. It had been a major depot for the Union army during the war. The South raided it of goods then left it, then read in the newspaper they'd missed 130 horses hidden in a foundry, then raided it and took the horses and left again. Grant was upset at the black market cotton trade going on around there and issued an order that all speculators, Jews, vagabonds, and other people not respectably employed be cleared out of the central US. Washington DC got wind of it (all Jews evicted from central US!) and revoked the order within a week of hearing about it.

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