Justine's Roof Rack Box Hoist

From the side
Grip, Mooring
Corner pulley
Bob and Justine dented Justine's car while trying to take her roof rack box off. It's about 60 pounds and an awkward size. After that Justine decided that we needed a system for suspending the box from the ceiling.

Bob, Justine, and Justine's dad Bill are all engineers who had never worked with pulleys before, so they vigorously debated the design. (Our daughter got upset, she thought we were yelling at each other. We tried to assure her that this was normal adult engineer behavior.) The layout of the boards and pulleys came from Bob. The mooring bits, securing of the pulleys, the bracing of the boards, and all construction details came from Bill. Bill built the whole thing. It was a fun project.

Justine's brother Ken, also an engineer, looked it over once it was done. He said it was a typical Dad project, totally overdone.

The Canoe of Damocles, another amateur solution
Hoist Monster, a commercial solution